What is Kaiber and How Does It Work - Unleashing Creativity with AI

In the world of digital content creation, Kaiber stands out as a groundbreaking AI creative lab that combines the power of artificial intelligence with the creativity of artists. This innovative platform consists of two main components: Kaiber Studio and the Kaiber App.

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Introduction to Kaiber AI

Kaiber AI is more than just software—it's a creative ecosystem that empowers users to bring their ideas to life through AI. Whether you're a professional artist, a content creator, or someone who loves experimenting with digital media, Kaiber provides a platform that simplifies the content creation process. Users can generate unique assets from scratch using text inputs known as "Prompts," or they can enhance their creations by uploading their own images, music, and videos.

Getting Started with Kaiber

To begin your creative journey with Kaiber, follow these steps:

Sign Up

Visit kaiber.ai, sign up by providing your email and creating a password, or use your existing Google accounts for quicker access.

Explore the Platform

Once logged in, take some time to explore Kaiber. Familiarize yourself with its various tools and features, which allow you to create different types of content according to your needs.

Prompt or Upload Content

Enter a text prompt to start generating content or upload your own materials to personalize your creations. These inputs form the basis of the assets you will create.

Customize Settings

Select your preferred art style, adjust key parameters like video length or aspect ratio, and fine-tune specific settings such as camera movements or scene transitions.

Generate Content

With your prompts and settings in place, initiate the content generation. Kaiber's AI algorithm will analyze your inputs and produce initial "Preview Frames," giving you a glimpse of the potential final product.

Refining Your Creation

After generating your content, Kaiber allows you to:

Review and Edit

Evaluate the Preview Frames and make necessary edits to ensure the final output matches your vision.

Upscale or Download

If you're subscribed to the Pro or Artist plan, you can upscale your videos to 1080p or 4K. Alternatively, download your creations directly to your device.

Share and Enjoy

Share your finished work within the Kaiber Gallery or use it for other purposes like promotions or personal projects. Kaiber not only facilitates the creation process but also provides a platform for showcasing and distributing your work.

Continuous Innovation

It’s important to note that Kaiber is continuously evolving. New features and updates are regularly added to enhance the user experience and expand creative possibilities. Users are encouraged to explore these updates and experiment with the platform’s functionalities to fully leverage what Kaiber has to offer.

Kaiber AI Video Creation Process Simplified

Upload Initial Files

Begin by uploading your images, audio, or videos to infuse your existing content with new life.

Kaiber AI Video Creation Process

Image credit: kaiber.ai

Guide Your Vision

Articulate your creative desires, choose from our collection of Curated Styles, or utilize a Prompt Template to shape the direction of your video.

Kaiber AI Video Creation Process

Image credit: kaiber.ai

Customize Your Settings

Tailor aspects such as video length, frame dimensions, and camera movements to suit your project’s needs.

Kaiber AI Video Creation Process

Image credit: kaiber.ai

Choose Your Starting Frame

From the four starting frames generated by our AI, select the one that best captures the mood and style you’re aiming for.

Kaiber AI Video Creation Process

Image credit: kaiber.ai

Download and Share

Once your video is perfected, download it and share your creation with the world.

Kaiber AI Video Creation Process

Image credit: kaiber.ai

Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding Kaiber and Its Policies

What rights do I have to the videos I create with Kaiber?

If you use Kaiber with a free account, your videos are covered under a Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License. This means you can use the videos as long as you don't sell them or profit from them directly, and you must credit Kaiber. If you have a paid account, the videos you create are fully yours, and you retain commercial rights

How long does video rendering take?

Rendering times vary: style previews can take up to 30 seconds, while final videos may take from minutes to hours, depending on their length. This duration is due to the intensive processing required to generate multiple frames per second. We are continuously working on enhancing our technology to reduce these times.

Will my video display a Kaiber watermark?

Videos created with a free account will include a Kaiber watermark. If you have a paid account, your videos will not have a watermark.

How do credits work in Kaiber?

Credits are needed for various features:

  • Standard prompt-to-video and image uploads cost 1 credit per second of video.
  • The Transform feature costs 5 credits per second.
  • Video upscaling charges are additional: 2x upscaling costs 1 credit for every 10 seconds, and 4x costs 1 credit for every 5 seconds.
  • Credits are only deducted once your video is visible in your Dashboard.

Can I purchase additional credits?

Additional credits can be purchased if you have a subscription. Free trial users cannot buy credits. Subscribers may buy credits by navigating to their account settings and selecting "Credits." Here, you can choose the quantity you wish to purchase.

Do credits carry over month to month?

Yes, any unused credits will roll over to the next month. Note that videos will have a watermark if you downgrade from a Standard paid account to a Free account after purchasing additional credits.

Why is there a charge for AI-generated videos?

Generating AI videos requires substantial computational resources, which come at a high cost. This is why the free version is limited and additional credits are a paid feature. We believe the quality and capabilities of our AI-generated videos will showcase the value of this technology.

Does Kaiber offer an affiliate program?

Yes, Kaiber has an affiliate program where you can earn a 10% commission on each subscription sale you refer. Commissions continue as long as your referrals remain subscribers. To join, fill out our affiliate application. We will review your submission and respond within a few business days.

Try Kaiber AI for free

Kaiber is not just a tool but a game-changer in the digital art world, offering unmatched capabilities that unlock the full potential of artistic expression in the age of AI.

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